Design Services

At Detola and Geek we offer other lampshade making services to our customers which you will find below: 


We make a variety of lampshade styles and sizes as well as using alternative linings. If you need something specially made, Detola and Geek would love to hear from you. 


Are you an interior designer/stylist, property developer, set/stage designer? And in need of professionally finished handmade lampshades for your interior design projects? 

Look no further as Detola & Geek has got you covered. 

We can use your own fabric/wallpaper to create lampshades to match your design project interiors. Or source suitable fabric on your behalf instead. 


If you an artist, illustrator or painter & would love to see your own designs on handmade lampshades designed by Detola and Geek - let's discuss further. 

For any of these services, please use the contact form to get in touch.